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why space

With an aim to give different users their own personal environment, we have named our design system Space. It is an adaptable and reusable system used to assemble the Sprinklr platform which has been designed to be personalised for each user to achieve their individual tasks and goals. It also helps maximise efficiency and productivity for our design teams. Following are the principles that arch the guidelines:

the sprinklr platform

At Sprinklr, we are re-imagining a new class of enterprise software under the umbrella of Customer Experience Platform (CXM) which is a culmination of five of our core offerings i.e Marketing, Advertising, Research, Commerce and Care, all of which work together synchronously to help brands create best experience for their customers.

our design system principles


We empower every designer to give their best and collaborate efficiently. A distributed ownership helps keep the system easily understandable and truly adaptable for others use.


We inherit the scale of the platform and craft even the smallest components with precision. Every part can then be reused and works fluently in all situations and contexts.


On our way to designing the world’s most loved enterprise product — we iterate, we fumble, we fail; and we adhere to an agile process which makes it mandatory for our design system to be robust.


As a team, we strive to innovate. The philosophy that guides every decision is — when we grow, we can proudly hone our journey; and not always start from scratch. That way, our system is scalable.

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